Join My DietBet Game!

You guys already know that I really enjoyed participating in the DietBet earlier this month and was really considering signing up for another one right away. I successfully lost almost 8 pounds playing the game and I made a profit of $13.03 (in addition to winning back the $30 I paid to play).

Ultimately I decided that I didn’t want to go on my honeymoon and be worrying about trying to lose weight. I do, however, want to challenge myself again and lose a little bit more weight so I created my own DietBet game that will start the Monday after I return from Hawaii.

I’ve explained before how the DietBet works but here’s a little 2 minute video they created that explains it way better than I do.

If you’re interested in getting paid to lose weight then click here and join my DietBet!

My favorite part of the game was the wall where we could all post pictures, comments, etc. It was great to be encouraging other people and have the other players cheer me on too!

My DietBet game doesn’t officially begin until October 7th so you’ve got 12 days before you have to get started. It’s an open game so that means you can invite your friends to play too, and they can invite their friends if they want. The more players we have the bigger the money pot!

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