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Today’s Fruitarian Friday post is my first entry in my Food and Fitness Diary Series. One of the things that I really enjoyed about being a part of the DietBet was being held accountable for what I was eating and my workouts. No one told me that I had to post that info to my blog but I wanted to share my progress with you and it really helped keep me on track.

I want to keep up with posting about my food/workouts/general life as it affects my health/fitness/well-being so on Fridays and Mondays I am going to share my food and fitness diary with y’all. Maybe you’ll find it all incredibly boring or maybe some of you will get a little inspiration from it!

While I was doing the DietBet I was following a low-fat raw vegan diet, which is sometimes called 80/10/10 or referred to as being a Fruitarian.

The 80/10/10 Diet book by Dr. Douglas N. Graham

The gist of it is that I was eating only fresh, raw fruits throughout the day and then lots of raw veggies for dinner. It took a little getting used to at first but once I had been doing it for a few days I found that I really enjoyed it.

Eating monomeals of fruit during the day was so simple and delicious (and satisfying!) and eating only raw vegetables for dinner was really fun. I found that most of the time I was making much less of a mess in the kitchen at dinner time (which is always nice) and I never went to bed hungry. If you’re curious about what a monomeal is you can read more about that here.

Even though I really enjoyed sticking to raw 80/10/10 100% of the time during the DietBet (28 days) I am not sure if I’m quite ready to make that my full-time way of eating. A couple of weeks ago I went to a fruitarian pool party and met someone else who follows raw 80/10/10 and he’s actually met Dr. Doug Graham (the guy who wrote the book above). Dr. Graham said that it usually takes about 8 years for people to really commit to following 80/10/10 full-time. 

This was such a relief to me. Even though I know that eating this way is doable and that it makes me feel awesome, emotionally I’m just not quite ready to give up all my cooked foods. I don’t think that it will take me 8 years to come around to doing it full-time but I would like to ease into it a bit.

I’ve decided I want to commit following the 80/10/10 low-fat raw vegan way of eating 6 days a week, allowing myself to eat cooked food if I want to Friday night through Saturday night. Of course this is my life and I’m in charge so if for some reason I want some cooked food on a Tuesday then I’m going to eat it, but since I really do enjoy following 80/10/10 I would like to commit to it 6 days a week. I feel like overall this is the diet/way of eating that is going to bring me the most happiness.

Now, let’s get into what I’ve been up to this past week!

Monday 9/16/13

After eating so much cooked food on Sunday I was actually really excited to get back to eating raw on Monday.

What I ate: 
Breakfast: Green smoothie with 2.5 frozen bananas, 2 mangos, and some greens.
Snack: 2 pink lady apples with some PB2. I know that PB2 isn’t raw but it is lower fat than regular peanut butter so I’m okay with it for now.
Lunch: 2 pounds of grapes
Dinner: Cucumber, corn, and red onion salad, some stuffed tomatoes, and a bowl of homemade miso soup with raw carrots, daikon, and green onions.
TOTAL calories: 1,815

cucumber, corn, and red onion salad with cilantro, lime juice, and balsamic vinegar

tomatoes stuffed with cucumber, corn, and red onion salad with cilantro, lime juice, and balsamic vinegar

Ross saw me making these fun little stuffed tomatoes and actually said, “Those look really good. Can I have some?” This shocked the shit out of me because he never wants to eat what I’m making, even when it’s food he likes. I was more than happy to share with him! :)

Exercise: None. Monday is my rest day because I go grocery shopping and it makes me grumpy.

Cheats: I did have 1/2 of a slice of whole grain bread with some apple butter on it. Bread is my biggest weakness. I. Love. Bread.

Tuesday 9/17/13

What I ate:
Breakfast: Green smoothie with 2 frozen bananas, 2 peaches, and some greens.
Lunch: Uh oh. I was at Whole Foods today and I sampled some bread and bought a little bit of tofu from the salad bar. I have been dreaming about tofu for 28 days… I had to. I don’t even feel guilty. I also ate 2 pounds of grapes.
Dinner: Giant salad with my vegan Caesar salad dressing and carrots
Dessert: 1/2 a slice of bread with apple butter. Again, I couldn’t resist and I don’t feel guilty. Someone had to eat the other half of the slice from yesterday, so I volunteered.
TOTAL calories: 1,684

vegan Caesar salad dressing

Exercise: Speed work! I went to the indoor track at the gym and ran 6 x 800 with the goal of completing each 800 meters in 4:21. It takes 5 laps on the indoor track to make 800 meters so my goal was 53 seconds per lap. Here’s what my workout looked like:


Wednesday 9/18/13

What I ate:
Breakfast:  green smoothie – 2 mangos, 1/4 of a pineapple, some raw broccoli, ginger, and vanilla
Snack: 2 bananas
Lunch: 1 mango and 3 apples
Dinner: corn, tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad, plus a giant green salad
Dessert: Banana ice cream with PB2 and vegan vanilla protein powder. I only used the protein powder because I didn’t want chocolate ice cream and I have this vegan protein powder that I need to finish up, so it was simply used for flavoring.
TOTAL calories: 1,931

green smoothie - 2 mangos, 1/4 of a pineapple, some raw broccoli, ginger, and vanilla

corn, tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad with lime juice, cilantro, and balsamic vinegar

Exercise: Today was a cross-training day. I did 33 minutes on the rowing machine – 5 minutes easy, 10 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy, 10 minutes hard, 5 minutes easy followed by 3 sets of 12 push-ups.

Thursday 9/19/13

What I ate:
Breakfast: 2 large bananas before I left the house followed up by a small cantaloupe when I got to work
Snack: 3 bananas
Lunch: 2 pounds of grapes
Dinner: Spiralized zucchini and kelp noodles topped with a peanut sesame sauce
Dessert: Chocolate peanut butter ice cream
TOTAL calories: 2,110

Exercise: Today was a tempo run! Ross was home when I got home from work but had to go back to the gym to train one more client at 7:00. I went with him so I could do my tempo run on the treadmill and we could just take one car, plus that would guarantee we’d be done at the same time. I did 5 miles total: 1.5 miles easy, 3 miles tempo, and 0.5 miles easy. The easy miles were done a 12:30 min/mile pace and the tempo was done at 9:31 min/mile pace.

2013-09-20 07.29.30-1

When I woke up this morning it was raining and I could not be happier about it! We’ve been in a drought here in Austin for over two years so I am giddy every time it rains, even though it guarantees that I will be late to work. So worth it.

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